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If you require ADA accommodations for any of these events,
please contact the LifeWorks Center at least two weeks before
the event date so that arrangements can be made.

Table of Contents:

Finding Your Tranquility with the Tapas Acupressure Technique®

Taking TAT® to the Next Level: Using TAT with Others

Working with Critical Incidents

Be Resourced

TAT Certification Program

Transforming Overeating

Utilizing Mind/Body Resources with EMDR in the Treatment of Complex PTSD

                                                        your Tranqulity

picture of Pat

Patricia Thatcher, LICSW

Date                               Time

September 28, 2014         10 AM - 5:30 PM



$125 until until Sept 19 then price increases to $145

6 ceus for social workers, LMHC and nurses at no additional charge

Partner Premium
: $99 life/work partner when accompanying a regular registration. Please contact Pat at 617-661-1277 if you wish to take advantage of this and do not wish to pay for both at the same time.



The LifeWorks Center



Presenter: Patricia Thatcher, LICSW, Certified TAT Professional and Trainer has been utilizing Tapas Acupressure Technique since 1996 in her work with trauma survivors. She has trained extensively with Tapas Fleming, the originator of TAT and has been offering training workshops since 1999.



Tapas Acupressure Technique® (TAT®) is an easy to use, self-administered process that reduces stress and stabilizes the body/mind system. In this one day workshop, you will learn how to:


Clear Stress; Reduce Sensitivities; Manage Pain.

Transform your relationship with money and success.


Improve your relationship with your body; Enhance your spiritual connection.


Watch demos & do practicums to become comfortable using TAT.


Experience the peace that TAT can bring.




To register by mail, send a check made out to The LifeWorks Center to 50 Dudley Street,

Cambridge, MA 02140

To register by credit card, click below
(a small service fee will be applied)


Interested in "Taking TAT to the Next Level: Utilizing TAT with Others"?  go to




Taking TAT to the Next Level: Utilizing TAT
                    with Others

Date and Time: TBA weekend, Fri 6:30 - 8:30PM,
Sat & Sun , 10AM - 6PM
Investment: $350
Partner Premium: Pay $195 when accompanying another registration
14 CEUs (additional $20) approved for LMHCs, Social Workers, and nurses.

Location: The LifeWorks Center, 50 Dudley St., Cambridge, MA

This workshop is for you if you are

  • a parent and want to use TAT with your children
  • a psychotherapist/life coach who wants to use TAT with your clients
  • a nurse/physician/physical therapist and want to use this with your patients
  • a teacher with your students
  • if you want to deepen your relationship with yourself

 In this weekend workshop, working in a large group, dyads, and triads, you will:

Gain a better understanding of the Steps and how to guide someone through the 9 Step TAT process.
Explore being successful, clear stopper thoughts and negative beliefs about using TAT with others.
View films & demos of Tapas & others guiding TAT.
Discuss essentials for each of the steps, including setting up the problem statement and the opposite condition.
Review the importance of staying present.
Utilizing TAT with specific conditions ie:  allergies & medical conditions, trauma, weight issues, negative beliefs and stopper thoughts, and addictions
 Working with children and animals.
 Review the steps for becoming a Certified TAT Professional

picture of Pat
Presenter:   Patricia Thatcher, LICSW has been utilizing Tapas Acupressure Technique  since 1996 in her work with trauma survivors.  She has trained extensively with Tapas Fleming, the originator of TAT and has been offering training workshops since 1999.

picture of Fern
Presenter: Fern Ross Israel -  LMHC and certified TAT TRAINER has helped many individuals rediscover their tranquility and broad perspectives through Tapas Acupressure Technique, Mindfulness Meditation, Qi GONG therapy, YOGA and other healing modalities over the past several decades.

Prerequisite: Previous experience with TAT is recommended, such as:  1. a previous workshop in TAT, 2. Using TAT with yourself/ a TAT pro / a TAT buddy, or 3. viewing TAT training materials from the TATlife website.

This Level Two training is a necessary next step if you decide to move forward
with the Certification Program.

Cancellation Policy:  With 2 weeks notice the participant will receive a full refund minus $30 administration fee. After two weeks no refund but the participant can sign up for another equivalent course within 1 year.

To register by credit card
please wait until we decide on a date

To register by check
    Copy the following form into Word (or equivalent), fill it out, print it, and mail with your check (made out to Patricia Thatcher, MSW) to
    The LifeWorks Center
    50 Dudley St
    Cambridge, MA 02140



Professional Letters:___________________________________






Phone:______________________  email:_________________________

[ ] Single $295   [ ] Single Early Bird $275

Be Resourced
A Feel Good Personal Growth Workshop

Would you like to be more connected to your positive qualities? What about solving problems in a way that makes you feel good about yourself? Does someone you know have qualities that you admire; qualities that you wish you had yourself? Then join us for a workshop on building these resources in your life!

Utilizing a unique imagery process and the Tapas Acupressure Technique®

In Level One: Strengthening Qualities of Self, you will learn to:
  •   Identify and connect to resources you’ve lost
  •   Develop new resources for support and growth
  •   Eliminate beliefs that hold you back
  •   Create, develop, and connect to the positive qualities of Self
Fostering Healthy Connections will teach you to:
  • Clear the emotional effects of early trauma including birth trauma
  • Re-create an experience of a healthy and welcoming birth
  • Enhance the ability to foster healthy connection with self and others
There's Still Time for a Happy Childhood will help you to:
  • Transform the effects of early childhood adverse life events
  • Create a connection to an internal positive guide
  • Utilize this guide to help you create happy, healthy experiences
  • Develop & strengthen your ability to connect with your Wise Self, your Essence

A resource is anything that will support and/or help a person feel good about themselves and/or deal with a problem in a way that enables them to feel good about themselves.

Resources are:
  1. Positive characteristics and qualities such as courage, strength, humor, confidence, competence, safety, etc that either the person holds within them or admires in someone else that they want to develop more strongly in themselves.
  2. A thing or an object such as a rock, nature, trees, bells, color, light that the person wants to have with them.
  3. A person or a spiritual being that a person wants to have with them.
  4. Positive beliefs and goals.
  5. Positive memories that build the foundation for living a happy, healthy life.
Date:    Be Resourced: Strengthening Qualities of Self - Saturday April 6, 9:30AM - 12:45PM
            Be Resourced: Fostering Healthy Connections - Saturday April 13,
9:30AM - 12:45PM
            Be Resourced: There's Still Time for a Happy Childhood - Saturday April 27, 9:30AM - 12:45PM
Place:  The LifeWorks Center, 50 Dudley St, Cambridge, MA 02140
Investment:   $75 for each workshop

Previous Participant Premium: Only pay $50 per workshop if you have taken any Be Resourced workshop before (for example, if you took Level One last year, pay only $50 each to take Level Two and Level Three).

Springtime Special: Reduced rate of $60 per workshop if you register by March 22 (even if you don't qualify for the Previous Participant Premium)

Triple Training: Register for all three at once and pay only $50 each ($150 total).

3 CEUs per workshop available for LMHC and social workers for an additional $10 per workshop.

    To register by check, copy the following form into Word (or equivalent), fill it out, print it, and mail with your check (made out to Patricia Thatcher, MSW) to
    The LifeWorks Center
    50 Dudley St
    Cambridge, MA 02140



Professional Letters:___________________________________






Phone:______________________  email:_________________________

Please check all that apply:
[ ] Level One $75   [ ] Level Two
$75    [ ]Level Three $75
[ ] All three $150
[ ] Early Bird $60    [ ]Previous Participant Premium
   $50 per workshop (savings of $25)

with the Tapas Acupressure Technique®


Sunday July 13, 2014 from 10 AM to 5:00 PM

Presenters: Pat Thatcher, LICSW and Beth Rontal, LICSW

Studied by Kaiser Permanente and funded by the National Institute of Health, The Tapas Acupressure Technique (TAT®) was compared to two other modalities and shown to be six times more effective for lasting weight loss.  TAT is a self-administered mind/body approach that reduces and clears physical, mental and emotional stress.

In this 6 hour workshop you will learn how to utilize TAT® to deal with

and clear many of the issues related to chronic overeating including:


    emotional eating   binge eating
    trigger foods 
   family patterns
 “I have to eat everything on the plate!”



$149 July 1st - July 13
Save $50 off the 10-session Transforming Overeating group (see below) if you sign up on the day of this workshop

To register by credit card, click below. A small service fee (~$5) will apply.


with the Tapas Acupressure Technique®

You’ve tried every diet and the weight still creeps back on.  You know what to do but can’t make yourself do it anymore.  The guilt is “eating away” at you.  Isn’t it time to look at an alternative to yo-yo dieting?  Don’t go through this alone.

We’ve been helping people successfully change
their relationship with food and keep off the weight
using The Tapas Acupressure Technique.

Results of pre- and post-assessment questionnaires from previous group members reveal a dramatically improved relationship with food and feelings and realistic weight loss. “Eating to soothe my feelings” was reduced by 50%. (To read more about this, click here)


Dates: Fall 2014
Cost: $750 for all 10 sessions (save $50 if you sign up at the one day workshop on July 13th)
Location: The Lifeworks Center, 50 Dudley St, Cambridge, MA 02140 Preliminary interview required, cost: $125 CEUs possible for social workers
Group facilitators:
Patricia Thatcher, LICSW       (617) 661-1277  or patthatch@thelifeworkscenter.com
Beth Rontal, LICSW      (617) 522-6611 or bethrontal@partnershipinwellness.com

A Stunning Fact

Successful weight loss is measured by two years of maintenance.  Before the two year mark, most people regain even more weight than was originally lost despite the best of intentions and the diet followed.

Long term weight loss happens out of a reflective and non-judgmental process; not the imposition of your will to lose weight over your desire to eat.  Freeing yourself from the tyranny of binge-eating/dieting rituals entails unraveling the dynamics of your issues and being able to self-soothe without using food.  And it is possible.

A Solution

In 2005, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) funded a study with scientists from Kaiser Permanente comparing Tapas Acupressure Technique (TAT) with two other approaches for weight loss maintenance.  Each group was given 10 hours of instruction. In the three-month period of the study, the group doing TAT regained no weight whereas the other groups both gained weight.  After the program ended, the TAT group regained less than one pound, whereas the other groups gained back six times as much.  The results were published in Focus on Alternative and Complementary Therapies, 10.28-39.  There were no adverse effects of TAT.


Tapas Acupressure Technique

The Tapas Acupressure Technique is a self-administered mind/body approach that reduces and clears stress.  It is a combination of using specific fingers to lightly touch a few acupressure points around the eyes and the back of the head while placing one’s attention on different aspects of a problem.   This problem could be physical in nature like “I crave sweets right now” and/or psychological like “I feel really upset about craving sweets right now”. The result of completing the TAT process is an experience of non-attachment to the problem including a sense of freedom and inner peace.


Transforming Overeating

a 10-week group with life-time benefits


  • Learn to work with the core issues that keep you stuck in overeating, and being overweight
  • Heal the past incidents, anger, shame, hurt and other emotions as well as beliefs that shackle you to weight issues
  • Reduce cravings
  • Perform a powerful guided meditation/visualization that deeply connects you with your essential beauty and perfection, clearing the way for the vision of yourself to become a reality.


TAT has been proven to be the best method
for weight loss maintenance.


Additional Benefits

  •   Reduce or eliminate chronic aches, pains and/or illness.
  •   Increase your energy.
  •   Relieve effects of past traumas.
  •   Reduce anxiety.
  •   Have more fun and joy.
With Transforming Overeating, you replace the defeat of yo-yo dieting with long-term success so that you no longer impose your will over your desire to over eat.  Instead, you learn to listen to your inner wisdom, develop your ability to make empowering choices and be peaceful within yourself; a process that has a deep and life-time impact on the quality of your life.

 "I always regarded eating as a symptom rather than the problem, so my much improved eating and weight loss reflects overall stress management."   - Elizabeth

"I'm much more in control of feelings, food, and life."   -Linda

"Sugar doesn't talk to me anymore. I stopped binge eating through using TAT directly on the habit of binge eating and on emotions such as abandonment related to binging."
- FK (lost & kept off 34 lbs.)

“When a group doesn’t work it is dreadful, when it does it is wonderful.  Transforming Overeating was wonderful”

“I am pleased, very pleased that I took this group”

“My eating sweets are under control.  I binge less often.  I am eating mostly healthy”
“I learned about what drives my eating, what drives my eating is being afraid.”
“I am much better at stopping when I am full, mindful eating and enjoying the food”

Please contact a group facilitator to schedule an initial interview.


Group facilitators

Patricia Thatcher, LICSW       (617) 661-1277  or patthatch@thelifeworkscenter.com


Beth Rontal, LICSW      (617) 522-6611 or bethrontal@partnershipinwellness.com

The LifeWorks Center in collaboration with Boston University School of Social Work
invites you to participate in a 2-day workshop:

Utilizing Mind/Body Modalitys
                                with EMDR in the Treatment of Complex
Have you ever wondered how EMDR, Tapas Acupressure Technique® , and other mind body resources could really be useful in your work & life?  Well, here is your chance to find out!

    In this workshop you will come away with tools you can use immediately:

    Develop the skills to accurately diagnose Complex PTSD and DID from a developmental perspective. This will include the theory of Judith Herman, Bessel van der Kolk, Ego-state Therapy, and Structural Somatiform Dissociation.
    Review the normal stages and developmental tasks that are compromised with early trauma.
    Experience various ways to utilize imagery & breathing techniques to reduce stress and build resources.
    Identify various ways Tapas Acupressure Technique® (TAT)® is useful to reduce stress and develop stability.
    Identify how these resources are helpful in preparing a client to use EMDR.
    Use a developmental chart to systematically organize treatment strategies.
    Develop ways to integrate these modalities into your work and life.
    Have the opportunity to present cases, ask questions.
    No prior training in EMDR, Tapas Acupressure Technique or Parts work required

    What previous participants liked about this workshop:

    Excellent teaching style, a wealth of info, open welcome environment that facilitated learning.

    A wonderful synthesis of many theories, combined with the presenter's unique ideas and practice wisdom.

    Unbiased nature of allowing many points of view around understanding clients.

    Pat could teach a month long course with this wealth of valuable info.

    The traps list was good... great audio visual illustrations.

    The snacks were good and fresh.

    Presenter:   Patricia Thatcher, LICSW has over 25 years experience working with trauma &
    dissociation specializing in the use of mind/body methods including EMDR (eye movement
    desensitization and reprocessing), Tapas Acupressure Technique, The REMAP Process and hypnosis.  
    She presents at local & national conferences, is a previous president of the New England Society for the Treatment of Trauma & Dissociation and maintains a private practice in Cambridge, MA where she works
    with adults, children, couples and families.

    Date:    Friday, August 1st and Saturday August 2nd, 2014, 10am - 6pm
    Place: Boston University School of Social Work
    Investment:  $249 until July 25th, $299 after
This program has been approved for 12 EMDRIA credits. (Approval # 12003-02). Additional charge
    12 CEU credits for social workers.
    12 credits pending for LMHCs. Additional charge.
    12 CEUs for TAT Professionals.

    For further information, contact Patricia Thatcher (617-661-1277)

    To register, click here.