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Current Events and

If you require ADA accommodations for any of these events,
please contact the LifeWorks Center at least two weeks before
the event date so that arrangements can be made.

Table of Contents:

Be Resilient

Be Resilient
A Feel Good Personal Growth Workshop

Would you like to be more connected to your positive qualities? What about solving problems in a way that makes you feel good about yourself? Does someone you know have qualities that you admire; qualities that you wish you had yourself? Then join us for a workshop on building these resources in your life!

Utilizing a unique imagery process and the Tapas Acupressure Technique

In Level One: Strengthening Qualities of Self, you will learn to:
  •   Identify and connect to resources youve lost
  •   Develop new resources for support and growth
  •   Eliminate beliefs that hold you back
  •   Create, develop, and connect to the positive qualities of Self

Fostering Healthy Connections will teach you to:
  • Clear the emotional effects of early trauma including birth trauma
  • Re-create an experience of a healthy and welcoming birth
  • Enhance the ability to foster healthy connection with self and others

There's Still Time for a Happy Childhood will help you to:
  • Transform the effects of early childhood adverse life events
  • Create a connection to an internal positive guide
  • Utilize this guide to help you create happy, healthy experiences
  • Develop & strengthen your ability to connect with your Wise Self, your Essence


A resource is anything that will support and/or help a person feel good about themselves and/or deal with a problem in a way that enables them to feel good about themselves.

Resources are:
  1. Positive characteristics and qualities such as courage, strength, humor, confidence, competence, safety, etc that either the person holds within them or admires in someone else that they want to develop more strongly in themselves.
  2. A thing or an object such as a rock, nature, trees, bells, color, light that the person wants to have with them.
  3. A person or a spiritual being that a person wants to have with them.
  4. Positive beliefs and goals.
  5. Positive memories that build the foundation for living a happy, healthy life.

Date:   Be Resilient: Strengthening Qualities of Self - TBA
Resilient: Fostering Healthy Connections - TBA
            Be Resilient: There's Still Time for a Happy Childhood - TBA
Place:  The LifeWorks Center, 2464 Mass Ave, Suite 312, Cambridge, MA 02140
Investment:   $75 for each workshop

Triple Training: Register for all three at once and pay only $50 each ($150 total).

  9 CEUs for taking all 3 workshops available for LMHC and social workers for an additional fee.

    To register by check, copy the following form into Word (or equivalent), fill it out, print it, and mail with your check (made out to Patricia Thatcher, MSW) to
    The LifeWorks Center
    2464 Mass Ave, Suite 312
    Cambridge, MA 02140



Professional Letters:___________________________________






Phone:______________________  email:_________________________

Please check all that apply:
[ ] Level One $75   [ ] Level Two
$75    [ ]Level Three $75
[ ] All three $150